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Teacher supporting young person

We work directly with the parents and carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) – as well as young people themselves - who would like information, advice and support (IAS) relating to SEN issues.

Importantly, we ask that parents, carers or young people wanting to use our service contact us directly. Being an impartial service, we seek to address the needs of parents, carers and young people that they themselves identify. It is key – in this respect – that service users engage on their own terms rather than being referred by a professional.

We are happy to provide professionals with information about general SEN issues, but we cannot advise on specific cases without the express consent of the relevant parent, carer or young person.

We offer parents and young people a confidential service. We will not share information or discuss specific cases unless we have child protection concerns or where we have been asked to do so by the parents carers or young people themselves.

See our dos and don’ts and professionals’ FAQs below for more information.

If you are looking for information on general SEN issues, see the links to our information pages at the bottom of this page. You can also refer to see our resources page.

Professionals wishing to contact the service should do so by emailing [email protected] or by calling one of the following two numbers: 020 7926 9805 or 020 7926 1831.


Lambeth IASS dos and don’ts

What we do:

• Work directly with children, young people and their parents

• Provide SEN specific advice

• Advise parents, carers and young people on the available options in their specific circumstances in order to help them arrive at their own decision on the best way forward


What we do not do

• Attend child protection meetings unless there are issues directly related to SEN provision

• Provide general advice around non-SEN related educational issues

• Provide advice on welfare and benefits

• Advise parents what they should do but instead give information on the available options – our role is to support parents and young people come to their own decisions and to advocate for these preferences

• Tell parents, carers and young people what decision they should make or what decision other services want them to make

• Attend meetings with parents, carers and young people where they have not asked for our attendance directly


Professionals’ FAQs

Q. Can I refer a family to you?

A. No! We can only accept referrals directly from parents, carers or young people.


Q. What if the young person/parent/carer finds it difficult to call?

A. Please sit down with the family member, call our number and pass the phone over.


Q. What if they would prefer to email initially?

A. Please assist them to send an email to our team’s email address: [email protected].


Q. You provided support to the family at our last meeting. Can we invite you to the next meeting?

A. Only the family can ask us to attend and if they do, we will where possible.


Q. Can we discuss specific families with you?

A. No! We are happy to give you general advice and information but will not ask for or discuss any personal details.


Q. The young person I am supporting prefers to communicate by text

A. We can arrange to keep in contact with young people via text, but we ask that they make first contact via phone or email.