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POhWER - NHS Complaints Advocacy Service

Parents and young people can be dissatisfied with NHS services for many reasons, including lengthy waiting times, missed or no diagnosis and families being let down by Children’s NHS Services. Those who are dissatisfied with NHS services can make a complaint. However making an NHS Complaint is complex and can feel like another hurdle for families, especially during already difficult times.

While Lambeth IASS doesn’t typically support with NHS Complaints, there are organisations who offer this specialist advocacy to families. POhWER is amongst them. The POhWER NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is free, independent of the NHS and confidential. It guides complainants through the process involved in making a complaint and supports them with the tasks involved, including writing letters and preparing for meetings.

To find out more about the POhWER NHS Complaints Advocacy Service, and the other services offered by POhWER, see their website:  

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